Monday, September 1, 2003

If They Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need It

I didn’t expect to see Dan & Whit’s in the fashion section of The New York Times:

But what exactly is Vermont style, if it is not, in fact, a contradiction? A look inside Dan & Whit’s General Store in Norwich provides a quick primer: Back in the hardware department the other day, a sinewy woodsman with Phish-y facial hair wearing a chambray workshirt, jeans and Timberland boots compared prices of motor oils while his wife—braless in a tank top with graying bangs and a three-foot-long braid—surveyed the organic produce. Near the counter, a guy with a dirty blond mullet and a pack of cigarettes jammed into the front pocket of his jeans examined the selection of microbrews; outside, a trim man with a beard wearing a patterned fleece jacket, a Ben & Jerry’s T-shirt and Teva sandals climbed into a Subaru with New Jersey plates.

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