Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Quote of the Day

I got theories with this woman, this Joumana Kidd who wants to be a star, wants to be a TV star. She wants face time on camera. The great way to get face time is to bring the cute, precocious kid. Oh, great. I’d like to smack her. —Bob Ryan

More or less he needs to apologize to Joumana. To take somebody’s livelihood away for comments…. You know, everybody makes mistakes. —Jason Kidd

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I'm glad the Globe didn't fire Ryan -- he's probably the best writer they have left in the Sports section. Watching him on ESPN's Around the Horn, though, you can see he has a tendency to spout off without thinking. Or, from another point of view, say exactly what's on his mind. This time, he went a bit too far.

Maybe Boston will get lucky and there will still be Celtics basketball for Ryan to write about. Not looking too likely though (no, I haven't persued the calendar to see if the playoffs will still be happening when Ryan's suspension is over).

I can't speak for the rest of the Sports section, but he's definitely the best basketball writer they have. He went too far this time, but I think his basic sentiment was on target (albeit late). Byron Scott nearly crossed the line himself, though, almost threatening Ryan with violence. Kudos to Mr. Kidd for contradicting his coach and not being a hypocrite.

As to the Celtics, it's unfortunate that their weaknesses match up so well with the Nets' strengths. I predict that they'll win Game 3 (Walker's got one good game in him) and lose the next two.

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