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Wednesday, May 7, 2003


Tristan Louis has done some more reverse-engineering of the Apple Music Store.

Back Dating

Jon Gales alleges that MacNN back dates some of its stories.

AAC Again

Gunnar Van Vliet compares the quality of MP3 and AAC at different bit rates (via Gary Robinson).


Dan Sugalski:

The cool thing about using a CPS for function calls is that it makes taking a continuation much, much easier. When taking a continuation, you only have to take a snapshot of the current function/sub’s lexicals and control stack—you don’t have to care at all about the function’s caller, or the whole stack or anything.


John Gruber:

In short, with Windows-style pervasive click-through, you need to click very carefully if your intention is merely bring a window from the back to the front.…Better is a default policy where click-through is off by default, and enabled only for exceptions where there is little or no downside when click-through isn’t intended.

Quote of the Day

I got theories with this woman, this Joumana Kidd who wants to be a star, wants to be a TV star. She wants face time on camera. The great way to get face time is to bring the cute, precocious kid. Oh, great. I’d like to smack her. —Bob Ryan

More or less he needs to apologize to Joumana. To take somebody’s livelihood away for comments…. You know, everybody makes mistakes. —Jason Kidd