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Steven Frank:

Are web-based forums (especially phpBB and friends) really hard to use, or am I just not understanding something fundamental?

I thought I was the only one!

Law Follows Patents

Scientific American:

Georgetown University law professor John R. Thomas sees the case as a demonstration of how the patent system is being commandeered by private individuals who then go on to make their own laws, free from the traditional safeguards that prevent the government from abusing its power. This trend emerges from the willingness of the U.S. patent office to approve what Thomas calls “postindustrial” patents that cover everything from methods of doing business to human behaviors.

Springer on the Celtics

Shira Springer’s article in the Globe today is a horrid piece of puff journalism. The Celtics have many offensive players, but their offense is awful. Rather than getting “the most” out of the Celtics, Jim O’Brien has them playing well below their talent level. Many of the players whose “expertise” he solicits have never played under a real NBA coach. O’Brien would probably be an OK coach for a veteran team, but these Celtics need a different sort of coach—someone like Larry Brown.

Quote of the Day

We’re going to turn this team around 360 degrees. —Jason Kidd, upon being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks