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AirPort Status Not Available

Like Lee says, John Gruber’s AirPort story probably shouldn’t have been funny, but it was. He also includes a link to Screenplays for You.

But then suddenly, for no good reason, the iMac could no longer connect to the base station via AirPort. This is not a range problem, or at least it shouldn’t be: the base station is only eight fucking inches from the iMac. And then it would get a signal, an incredibly strong AirPort signal — but without a connection to the Internet. The Status, it claimed, was Not Available.

I’ve had a similar problem with regular AirPort, only it never fixed itself completely. I have to keep resetting the Base Station now and then.


I have 3 Airport Base Stations only one has ever caused me problems. I would get similar symptoms to your problem. I would see a strong signal but no net connection. Apple actually replaced the base station, twice, but I always had the same problem. The only solution was to power on/off the ABS.

I finally got tired and bought a NetGear MR314 wireless router and it works great so far. A little confusing to set up but once done. No problems.

Dominique Dumont

That is precisemy what I am trying to do: connecting a iBook with an airport card to a MR314 router and it is more than a little confusing to me. Any help will be welcome!


I am frustrated with this problem, any help forwarded on to me would be fab.

Best, Mark

Same here. I have several Macs connected to an ABS and one if them disconnects every so-and-so hours, reporting 'Status not available' while the other Macs are doing fine. Only a restart of the computer (not the ABS) will reconnect me.

The problematic Mac is the only one running on Jaguar... maybe that's where the problem is?

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