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AirPort Status Not Available

Like Lee says, John Gruber’s AirPort story probably shouldn’t have been funny, but it was. He also includes a link to Screenplays for You.

But then suddenly, for no good reason, the iMac could no longer connect to the base station via AirPort. This is not a range problem, or at least it shouldn’t be: the base station is only eight fucking inches from the iMac. And then it would get a signal, an incredibly strong AirPort signal — but without a connection to the Internet. The Status, it claimed, was Not Available.

I’ve had a similar problem with regular AirPort, only it never fixed itself completely. I have to keep resetting the Base Station now and then.

MxJ Issue Status

GCSF now has a page that shows when the latest issues of MWJ and MDJ were distributed, as well as the front pages of those issues. Subscribers can see what the issue plans are, and non-subscribers can see what they’re missing from the best source of Macintosh news and analysis.