Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Nicholas Riley on the Finder Again

Nicholas Riley follows up with his list of the problems with the Finder’s error window, and how to reproduce it.

To people who say I should report these bugs: yes I should, but more importantly, Apple should fix this stuff internally before it ever reaches beta. There are systemic issues at Apple causing these kinds of UI disasters to happen, and identifying such problems one at a time is an inefficient way of dealing with them. Mac OS 8.5 was the last version of the OS to have any kind of consistent UI quality. The line can be drawn rather clearly: the “Index selection…” contextual menu item, one of the few visible additions in 8.6, managed to violate a bunch of guidelines (capitalization and wording) in just two words.

Right on. I would love for Apple to take usability more seriously. But the reality at this time is that Apple won’t fix this stuff without lots of outside feedback.

This will be my last “OS X sucks” rant for the year. Time to affect what I can really affect instead: my own software.

Yup, unfortunately, no one outside Apple has time to go through OS X and report all the problems. That’s why they need to bring back the HI group.

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