Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Bloated Compiled AppleScripts

A SpamSieve user sent me a screenshot showing that the three AppleScripts he was using from Entourage had grown to 3.3 MB, 172K, and 6 MB. Not surprisingly, he thought SpamSieve might be storing data there, and so was hesitant to delete them before updating to the new 1.2.1 scripts. SpamSieve actually does not store any data in the scripts, but somehow their resource forks are filling up as they are run. One of the Entourage scripts that ships with SpamSieve has bloated to 340K (see screenshots below), even though the text of the script is only 351 bytes according to Script Debugger. I’ve also seen this happen with the scripts that ship with BBAutoComplete. Does anyone know what causes the bloat? 2002-11-19-finder.png 2002-11-19-resedit.png 2002-11-19-sgi.png

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