Thursday, June 20, 2024

SuperDuper 3.9 Beta

Dave Nanian:

We’re happy to announce Beta 2 of SuperDuper! v3.9, our initial cut at a Sequoia compatible release.


SuperDuper v3.9 includes Dark Mode support, and banishes our old textured window to the land of shadows.


[W]e’ve turned on our ability to copy local Cloud files, while intelligently skipping the files and folders that have local “stubs”.


Update (2024-07-05): Dave Nanian:

We’ve noticed that, on occasion, “dataless” cloud files and folder proxies can get into strange states on the backup where, quite literally, nothing can delete them. In these situations, we have no choice but to throw up our hands and continue.


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I'm ecstatic to see Dave Nanian still developing his very excellent backup tool after all these years.

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