Thursday, June 20, 2024

OmniFocus 4.3

Ainsley Bourque Olson (release notes):

Focus Filters, configurable in the Focus section of the Settings app, allow you to customize what app data is displayed when a Focus mode is enabled on your device. With OmniFocus 4.3, you can now set device Focus Filters to automatically filter out any OmniFocus content which is not relevant to the current Focus.


OmniFocus 4.3 also introduces the ability to add comments to perspective rules in OmniFocus Pro, and expands rich text note formatting options in OmniFocus for Mac.


OmniFocus 4 introduced a brand new independent Apple Watch application that allowed us to bring the full OmniFocus database to the Apple Watch for the first time ever. The expanded feature set was very well received, yet we also heard from some customers (particularly folks who do not live near our servers) that the v4 watch application did not sync, or stay up to date, reliably. In OmniFocus 4.3, this issue has been addressed by syncing to the paired iPhone, prior to syncing with the sync server, whenever possible. This change makes syncing faster and more reliable when the watch doesn’t have a fast connection to the sync server.


Many of these bug fixes improve the reliability of the outline, addressing scenarios in which the order of items in the outline appeared to change unexpectedly (or when content displayed in the outline didn’t change as expected).

I can confirm that the new Bonjour watch syncing is much faster and more likely to succeed. I still find that it never syncs automatically in the background; the complication always shows the wrong number until I tap it to open the app.

I’m also glad to see that single-key Delete is back in the Mac app and that various iOS display glitches have been fixed.


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