Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Thank You, Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch:

It is with a mix of emotions that we announce the upcoming sunsetting of some key aspects of Big Nerd Ranch and the transition of others. For over 23 years, we’ve had the privilege of empowering aspiring programmers through our immersive bootcamps and books. From the iconic ranch in south Georgia to the late-night coding sessions, Big Nerd Ranch has fostered a unique and beloved community for anyone looking to grow and learn new technology.This decision hasn’t been an easy one. The landscape of tech education has evolved significantly since our inception. While Big Nerd Ranch has always strived to adapt, the current environment necessitates a more substantial shift.


We are not planning on releasing any new editions of our books. Current editions will be available for the foreseeable future but will go out of print over time.

Via Tim Schmitz:

I got into developing for Apple platforms by reading Big Nerd Ranch books in the 2000s. Sad to see them go.



Update (2024-06-13): David Kopec:

That’s too bad. Some of the best macOS, iOS, and Android books. I used them in my classes.

Rob Jonson:

what a shame, Big Nerd Ranch Bootcamp was how I transitioned from PalmOS to MacOS (they didn’t yet have a course for iOS!)

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I've been expecting for a while now that they would be dropping book sales. First Aaron left, then the company started changing owners every couple years.

I have a bunch of their books on my shelves, sad there won't be any more.

Big Nerd Ranch was truly the best. A group of people and environment dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge with others.

Old Unix Geek

Interesting what Aaron has to say:

Regarding the antitrust suit: I have been an Apple employee, supplier, and partner. As soon as I sold Big Nerd Ranch, I threw away my iPhone and bought a Pixel because I believe Apple's power (and thuggish use of that power) is bad for our industry.

App developers, can you imagine how much better things would have been if the App Store had let users do free time-limited trials? Maybe, after trying a good app, a user would have been willing to pay more than $.99.

Negotiations with Apple (our biggest customer) end with "...because we are Apple (and will destroy you if we don't get everything we want)." Most didn't say the last part aloud, but Mike Fenger's team shouted it while renegotiating our role in the Enterprise Partners Program.

Having worked closely with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta, none use their power as ruthlessly as Apple. I am grateful that the DOJ has stepped in. I'm certain there was a lot of political force trying to prevent the suit.

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