Thursday, June 6, 2024

MarketplaceKit License Renewal Problems


Several iOS apps installed from alternative marketplaces stopped working after some time. Some are grayed out and can’t be opened or deleted. Others crash on launch because MarketplaceKit can’t renew the license. How would users recover their data when apps end up like this?

Oleksandr Bilous:

Technically, apps doesn’t crash, they are just terminated due to invalid license. But for me this UX is definitely looks like crash and users associated behaviour with crash on launch.

I’m not sure whose bug this is, but the system is way more complicated than it needs to be, which creates more opportunities for problems.


All this is done by Apple just to get a “checkmark” for “compliance”. They aren’t interested in this in any way. Only independence from Apple allows customers to install apps outside their app store without any problems.


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