Friday, May 17, 2024

SpamSieve 3.0.4

SpamSieve 3.0.4 is a maintenance release for my Mac e-mail spam filter.

In sending out the update notice to the SpamSieve mailing list, Amazon SES reported a huge number of bounces (almost 10x the normal percentage), primarily from EarthLink/MindSpring addresses. It’s not clear what’s going on here, but I suspect that the addresses are not all suddenly bad. Unfortunately, Sendy seems to want to permanently disable them.

Some interesting bugs were:


Update (2024-05-22): I found that the bounced addresses were mostly ones that were added a long time ago, and after sending test messages to a sample of them I got no replies and lots of bounces. So I think they really are invalid, though it remains a mystery why they were all reported as such now, rather than with previous messages. Thanks to Ben at Sendy for for explaining that it’s possible to remove the bounce status in Sendy by deleting the addresses and reimporting them. It’s also possible to use Amazon SES’s suppression list to tell it to try certain addresses again, though this can be risky for your account if they really are bad. SES’s SMTP server is, of course, no good for manual testing because it will silently skip sending the message to addresses that are already on its global suppression list.

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