Wednesday, May 15, 2024

VMware Fusion Pro 13 Free for Personal Use

Michael Potuck:

Following the acquisition, Broadcom’s VMware has announced today that Fusion Pro 13 and Workstation Pro 17 have been made free for personal use.


For commercial use, Broadcom has simplified the VMware options to a single product, which can be purchased through any “Broadcom Advantage” partner.

Michael Roy:

This means that everyday users who want a virtual lab on their Mac, Windows or Linux computer can do so for free simply by registering and downloading the latest build from the new download portal located at


This simplification eliminates 40+ other SKUs and makes quoting and purchasing VMware Desktop Hypervisor apps, Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro, easier than ever.


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I like simplification, but dividing the world into Personal and Commercial is a bit stark. Does someone using it for work at a University need a paid commercial license?

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