Friday, May 3, 2024

Error -609 Launching App From the Mac App Store

Matthias Gansrigler:

Does anybody here know what macOS’ error -609 is when launching an app from the App Store?

“The application “XYZ” can’t be opened. -609”

And, maybe more importantly, how to fix it? Relaunches, re-installs and restarts have not helped.

Mark Cornelisse:

Are you behind a firewall? This usually occurs when MacOS can't communicate with the App Store to get the decryption certificates for the binary.


I’ve done so research on the subject. It could be the following things:

  • Corrupted Application File or incomplete installation. Unintall the application and download it again from the App Store.
  • Disk Permissions. Use Disk Utility to repair disk to all disk permissions.
  • Outdated MacOS or too new version of it. Download the latest MacOS for the device.
  • Account Authorization. Solution: Logout of the App Store account and log back.
  • Damaged System Files. Reinstall MacOS through the EFI.
  • Conflicting Software like security software. Disable the security software. See if the issue persists. If doesn’mt contact support of the security software or the administrator of the Mac.
  • Network issues in contact the App Store server. Remove any obstacle like firewall and system rights that might prevent the Mac from communicating with the App Store to get the needed certificate.
  • Disk Storage. Free up disk space.

I’m seeing a recurrence of the old problem where launching test versions of Mac App Store apps doesn’t work.


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Beatrix Willius

What research has Cornelisse done? The advice is generic and could apply to anything.

> What research has Cornelisse done? The advice is generic and could apply to anything.

Looks like chatGPT…

$ macerror -609
Mac OS error -609 (connectionInvalid): connectionInvalid

Pity `macerror` is increasingly useless these days.

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