Friday, May 3, 2024

Beats Solo Buds

Chance Miller:

Alongside the launch of Beats Solo 4 today, Apple has also announced new Beats Solo Buds earbuds. The new Beats Solo Buds pack a truly wireless design with an incredibly impressive 18 hours of battery life and $79.99 price.


While they miss out on features like Active Noise Cancellation, auto play/pause, and Transparency mode, they offer an impressive set of other features.

Via Benjamin Mayo:

even if you halve the quoted 18-hour battery life it’s still much better than AirPods longevity for a single session (like plane journeys?)

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Words can’t convey how much I want this battery life in the AirPods Pro. Is it a chip breakthrough or a battery breakthrough? I’d buy a new pair for this.

Yup. Need AirPods Pro for customisable transparency and great NC. Here's to hoping there's upcoming Pros and Maxs, too, while they're at it. The downside really is the battery life.

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