Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Daylight Saving Time UI Design Test

Nikita Prokopov (Hacker News):

I have five clocks in my house. All of them I have to change manually twice a year: one hour back in the Autumn and one hour forward in the Spring. Today was one of these days.

Each clock presents a unique puzzle. Three out of five have no direct controls for changing time, and manuals have long been lost, so I have to figure it out every time.


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My favourite for this, for any device with + & - buttons is how my oven works. There is a symbol of a clock between/above the buttons with lines going to the two buttons, something like (ascii art probably wont come across well, but you get the idea hopefully:

|       |
+       -

So you just press and hold both buttons (which you would never normally do), and it puts you in to clock setting mode, then adjust with the +/- buttons (with accelerating ramps in speed). Setting finishes after a few seconds of inactivity.

Better, generally, is not to put a clock on devices that don't need them!

A friend of mine has a microwave oven where one of the steps to set the time is to open its door.

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