Monday, April 8, 2024

Music App Links in EU

Apple (Hacker News):

3.1.1(a): Updated to include Music Streaming Services Entitlements.

The new guideline reads:

3.1.1(a) Link to Other Purchase Methods: Developers may apply for entitlements to provide a link in their app to a website the developer owns or maintains responsibility for in order to purchase digital content or services. Please see additional details below.


Music Streaming Services Entitlements: music streaming apps in specific regions can use Music Streaming Services Entitlements to include a link (which may take the form of a buy button) to the developer’s website that informs users of other ways to purchase digital music content or services. These entitlements also permit music streaming app developers to invite users to provide their email address for the express purpose of sending them a link to the developer’s website to purchase digital music content or services. Learn more about these entitlements.


Juli Clover:

The European Commission in March fined Apple $2 billion for anti-competitive conduct against rival music streaming services. The fine also came with a requirement that Apple “remove the anti-steering provisions” from its App Store rules, which Apple has now done. Apple is restricted from repeating the infringement or adopting similar practices in the future, though it is worth noting that Apple plans to appeal the decision.


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It makes zero sense, for anyone not invested in perpetuating the Apple tax, that this entitlement is only available to music services.

@Chris I can see Epic taking this as precedent and taking Apple to court in the EU and use basically the same arguments. They can even point out that they had to charge higher prices in the iOS app and when they tried to make consumers aware of lower prices they were banned from the store.

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