Friday, March 29, 2024

Those Obnoxious “Sign in With Google” Prompts

Marco Arment:

If I ran a website that supported Google-account login, I’d be pretty pissed at how they’re suddenly putting up an obnoxious overlay over my site’s layout.

Why is this not bothering more people? Does anyone give a shit about their websites anymore?

You can log in to prevent Google from blocking part of the page content, but then they’ll probably track you more. This has apparently been going on for almost a year now, but for some reason I rarely saw them. Lately, though, the overlays have been getting in my way multiple times per day.

Via Nick Heer:

I blocked these universally with my user stylesheet in Safari, and you can use a similar rule to mine in an ad blocker. StopTheMadness also hides this gross dialog.

user 1249812398:

I found the switch to disable the google pop-up sign-in prompt here:

  1. Go to “My Account” : “Security”
  2. Click on “See all connections” link in “Your connections to third party apps & services”
  3. Click on the gear at the top of the “Third party apps & services” page
  4. Disable the “Signing in with Google” prompt

This is surprisingly hard to find, and it didn’t work for me, maybe because I missed one of my accounts.


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Save a file "StopGoogleLoginPopup.css" with:

/* ==UserStyle==
@name Stop
@description Stop Google Login Popup
@match https://*/*
==/UserStyle== */

div#credential_picker_container > iframe[src^=""],iframe#credential_picker_iframe[src^=""]{ display: none !important; }

and enable it on for the offending websites. Has been working for me on iOS for more than a year.

I found very annoying to be offered the choice of either close every time the eyesore Google popup or to allow it to further track my online activities. I want neither.

> I found the switch to disable the google pop-up sign-in prompt here:
> Go to “My Account” : “Security”

So this is just another way if ensuring that Google tracks you, if you want to avoid these pop-ups? Or am I missing something ?

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