Thursday, March 14, 2024

Nitro 2024.1

Gentlemen Coders:

Flexible storage options, camera support, and editing tools unmatched by any app.


Create smart albums, and organize your Apple Photos library. Nitro reads RAW Power edits. Everything syncs over iCloud!

Prefer to manage your files yourself? You can use Nitro with the file system too. Rate and edit non-destructively using XMP sidecars.

Nik Bhatt:

If you like RAW Power, you’ll love Nitro’s fresh interface and immense power. I have been fielding emails from many of you for some time, asking for features like gradients, brushing, cloning, XMP sidecars, synchronized zoom, and more. All of those (and a lot more) are in Nitro.


[The] underpinnings of RAW Power have become an obstacle to advancing the app. For example, the RAW Power engine is simply not able to handle features like masking and synchronized pan and zoom. I decided some time ago to start fresh, even though that would take a long time, because it provides the best foundation for a great photo app in the future.


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I’m a big fan of Photomator, but this looks like it gives it a run for its money.

So far it's running very slowly on an album of large images. If it can handle the album it should tell me to wait as it indexes everything.

Hi, I'm the developer of Nitro (and RAW Power). The performance problem you are encountering may indeed be due to indexing, or it may be due to other issues. I am working on making some improvements to performance, which hopefully will be released in the near future.

First let me say thanks for continually working on these software editing tools.

Let me ask, one of the biggest requirements I have is being able to browse through a folder of images and tag or color label selects so when I'm opening into another software that's using the finder I can quickly see the tagged (green) files.

I know Raw Power could do it then the OS updated and it couldn't. Can Nitro, using Sonoma 14.4 on an old macbook pro 18 (Intel)? Any insights are appreciated.


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