Monday, March 11, 2024

PopChar 10

Ergonis Software:

  • An improved user interface that balances classic functionality with modern aesthetics
  • Enhanced magnifier providing improved information and shortcuts for characters, making inspection and insertion of special characters more intuitive
  • New insertion modes with a single click, including support for Swift code
  • Spanish language support, broadening the tool’s international usability
  • Full compatibility with Unicode 15
  • New and easier navigation concept

PopChar 10 is priced at $34.99 for new purchases, is discounted by 50% for those with previous licenses, and is available for free for those who purchased on or after September 1, 2023.


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I've grown increasingly fed up with the unreliability of invoking apple's emoji picker via the keyboard shortcut so I'll take a look at seeing if I can use popChar in my workflow of putting emojis into console.log messages for debugging. Thanks!

PopChar is awesome.

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