Friday, March 8, 2024

tvOS 17.4

Juli Clover (release notes, security):

tvOS 17.4 updates are often minor in scale, focusing on bug fixes and other small improvements. We did not find new features during the tvOS 17.4 beta testing process.


Update (2024-04-01): John Siracusa:

The team responsible for the FaceTime app on tvOS needs a VERY stern talking-to. Just for starters, take a look at the menu that appears when trying to start a call with a person.

Now imagine if it actually showed the emails or phone numbers for any of these choices. But no, you just have to guess! It’s on a giant TV screen! There’s plenty of room! It is MADDENING!

Launching the app often shows this screen, in which no button presses or swipes on the remote will do ANYTHING. Like, nothing. No item changes appearance. No actions can be triggered. Force-quitting the app and re-launching it usually “fixes” it.


The interface for trying to add one or more people to an existing call is even more byzantine and full of UI dead ends and traps, but I don’t have the energy to set up a test call to screenshot it all.

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