Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Xcode 15.3

Apple (direct download):

Xcode 15.3 includes SDKs for iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, tvOS 17.4, watchOS 10.4, macOS Sonoma 14.4, and visionOS 1.1. The Xcode 15.3 release supports on-device debugging in iOS 12 and later, tvOS 12 and later, watchOS 4 and later, and visionOS. Xcode 15.3 requires a Mac running macOS Sonoma 14 or later.


You can now use API Notes to add attributes to C++ APIs declared in a C++ namespace.


Schemes provide a new “Override Architectures” build option, which controls the set of architectures that will be built for all targets in the workspace, including Swift packages. The recommended option (and default for new schemes) is “Match Run Destination”. Full details are available by clicking the information icon next to the “Override Architectures” setting on the scheme build options sheet in Xcode.


If an Objective-C or C++ exception is thrown on a background thread, including those owned by the Swift runtime, it will now be recorded as a test failure before the test process terminates.


Update (2024-03-08): Scott Anguish:

Xcode 15.3 seems like a backslide in a bunch of cases.

I’m seeing lots of “Build service could not create build operation: unknown error while handling message: unknownSession(handle: "S0")” failures that require closing and reopening the project.

And Previews in SPMs no longer actually preview (Update Failed)

Jonathan Wight:

Yeah I am getting a ton of random failures ("please try compiling again) with 15.3 too.

Update (2024-03-15): Damien Petrilli:

March 2024 and the replace container feature of Xcode 15 which has been broken since the first beta is still NOT fixed despite being acknowledged by Apple.

Update (2024-03-20): Cesare Forelli:

In GlanceCam for iOS beta, if I start VLCKit playback of a camera in the simulator running iOS 17.4, I consistently get the attached crash.

Xcode 15.2, iOS 17.2 sim -> no crash
Xcode 15.2, iOS 17.4 sim -> 💥

Xcode 15.3, iOS 17.2 sim -> no crash
Xcode 15.3, iOS 17.4 sim -> 💥

Update (2024-03-25): Frank A. Krueger:

Xcode 15.3 broke* a feature I rely on daily** and I really want it fixed.

* Dear Apple devs: asserts are not the right way to do error checking/handling.

** CoreML performance reports

Update (2024-04-12): jayMcBee:

Same bug here with Xcode 15.2/15.3 - app crashing on customer systems with 10.13 and 10.14 due to SwiftUI being referenced.

The app uses AppKit, Obj-C, and Swift. No SwiftUI whatsoever. Referenced nowhere, imported nowhere, nothing in the build log… Still it’s randomly referenced in the binary according to otool -L

The asset symbol workaround appears to work - so far…

I don’t understand why this widely publicized bug that dates back to August isn’t fixed yet.

Update (2024-04-29): Norbert Doerner:

Wow, #Xcode 15.3 and #macOS 14.4.1 are such a weird dumpster fire of strange bugs and problems.

Merging the AppKit and UIKit low-level system frameworks is not going all too well, obviously.

That error message in Xcode is catastrophically ridiculous, really.

It indicates yet another serious bug in Apples own private frameworks.

I have been seeing errors like that for several releases now.

Update (2024-05-07): See also: Der Teilweise.


After some more testing XCode seems to be gagging on my SVG files now, SVGs had been working well up to 15.3!

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