Wednesday, February 28, 2024

FastScripts 3.3

Red Sweater:

This update includes a major new premium scripting addition, facilitating mouse automation by providing a variety of new scripting commands, including a powerhouse for synthesizing clicks and drags[…]


When automating mouse events, the clicks, drags, and releases can happen so fast that it confuses or overwhelms some interface components. For this reason, FastScripts imposes a short delay between the generation and delivery of each individual event that makes up a requested automation command. I’m calling this delay the event cadence, and it can be overridden with a longer or shorter cadence by supplying a parameter to the click mouse command, or for the duration of a whole script by setting this property[…]


Finally, there are two new properties for querying the state of the mouse and keyboard:

  • current mouse position
  • current keyboard modifiers

See also: PreFab Player.


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