Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Sonar 1.1.2

Made by Windmill (via John Gruber):

A native Mac app for GitHub and GitLab Issues.


Change task titles, assignees, and labels, all on one line. No need to leave your keyboard — just enter “@” for assignees and “#” for labels.


Intuitively change multiple tasks’ attributes at the same time. Just select multiple tasks in the list, and edit attributes in the Inspector.


Priorities are a first class citizen in Sonar. Priorities show up as labels to others, so your coworkers aren’t left in the dust.


Sonar constantly updates search results as you’re typing.


Switch between Smart Filters for custom views of your tasks. Change how tasks are grouped to get a better perspective.

I’m storing my code on my own server and using EagleFiler to manage my issues, but if I were using GitHub I’d give this a serious try. It seems to be well done.

It says “no subscriptions or purchases required,” but as far as I can tell that just means there’s a free trial. Beyond that, it costs $5/month or $39/year.


Update (2024-04-24): Jeff Johnson:

Sonar is the name of an Apple internal app used by some support teams for tracking customer emails.

Made by Windmill:

Taska is beautifully designed to let you quickly create and edit GitHub/GitLab issues.

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Heyo, one of the Sonar developers here. Thanks for blogging about our app! Just wanted to clarify about the subscription trial. We're trying something different by *not* using Apple's normal subscription trial mechanism. That means users don't have to commit to getting their card charged if they forget to cancel, etc. Effectively it's just like shareware was back in the old days. We call it the "no strings attached" free trial. Enjoy 🙂

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