Tuesday, February 13, 2024

JuxtaCode 1.0.2

Yori Mihalakopoulos (Mastodon):

Easily trace your code’s history, so you can better shape its future. Browse commits, compare branches, see how a file has changed over time. Gain insights into tricky conflicts and resolve them with a powerful merge tool.


Access a file’s complete history by simply opening it. A dedicated tab will show all the relevant changes from the file’s inception to the latest commit (or your local changes if you’ve made a recent edit) even if the file has been renamed or moved along the way.

As with Kaleidoscope, this quick file history works with loose files. You don’t have to open the repository first. JuxtaCode is a file comparison tool, but it acts more like a Git client here in that as you move up and down the commit list it shows you the changes made in the selected commit, whereas Kaleidoscope is mored designed around your choosing two arbitrary versions to compare.

JuxtaCode detects conflicts and surfaces the information you need to track down the underlying causes. When it comes to making fine-grained edits, the powerful and adaptive 3-way merge tool helps you weave together code from each side of the conflict.

I haven’t had the need to use this yet. The app is $40 (no subscription) with a 14-day trial.


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Sounds interesting, but doesn't run on macOS 13. :(

Sounds interesting, but doesn't run on macOS 10.13. ;)

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