Tuesday, January 30, 2024

IFTTT Killing Legacy Pro Plan

Ben Patterson (via Hacker News):

Remember when IFTTT said it would allow its legacy users to set their own prices for the service’s “pro” plan, and that it would honor those prices “forever”? Well, it turns out “forever” has an expiration date.

In a message posted on its website, IFTTT just announced that its pay-what-you-want legacy Pro plans are going away, with current users on that plan slated to be migrated to the $5-a-month IFTTT Pro+ plan at the start of their next billing cycles.


The move comes just a couple of weeks after IFTTT announced that it would yank access to Twitter applets from its free users, as well as reducing the number of applets that free users could create to two, down from the original limit of three.

I’d been reluctantly subscribed since the introduction of the legacy plan, because although the service was not particularly reliable or stable, I hadn’t found anything better. Several weeks ago, though, they started enforcing rate limits such that IFTTT became completely useless for my main purpose of archiving tweets to e-mail. The Pro+ plan didn’t have a higher limit, either, so I deleted most of my applets and went back to the free plan. I’m disappointed that they have continually reduced their offerings, even for paying customers, and never fixed longstanding user interface and reliability issues. And I don’t understand why the rate limits are so low for customers paying $150/year.

nitter.d420.de (via Hacker News):

If nothing changes, all remaining instances will go down eventually: Instances rely on guest accounts, which are valid for a certain time and of which you need a ton to run a public instance. The API for this got taken down and it doesn't look like a fluke this time.

Nitter is the other way that I’ve been accessing Twitter, but more and more of the instances are down, throttled, or require human verification.


Update (2024-02-06): It looks like IFTTT has broken auto-tweets for new blog posts. I’m down to a single applet, which should work with the free tier, but IFTTT reports that it has Pro features. I will start posting links manually, as I’ve been doing for the blog updates.

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I'm sure I've seen some self-hostable tool that'll suck Twitter into RSS, which you could then turn into email. Would it not be better to do that? Anything reliant on some backend is going to put you in the crossfire like this.

Old Unix Geek

Nitter used the Twitter API to generate new "guest accounts", which allowed it to get the tweets for 30 days. Twitter turned off that functionality, so nitter will die when all the guest accounts have elapsed.

Supposedly nitter still lets you use your own credentials to access the tweets, but it involves installing nitter + dependencies which were written in "nim". Nitter lets you use RSS.

On the other hand, Zedeus, nitter's maintainer, says it is dead... which makes me wonder whether it's worth trying to install my own instance with my own credentials. Although the UI is more bearable than Twitter's, nitter's main goal was privacy, preventing Twitter from reporting one's activity to one's neighborhood's totalitarian government. I wonder whether Elon realizes this...

@Sebby I don’t recall seeing any such tools that continue to work after the API shutdown and login requirement. If you see one, please let us know.

Kevin Schumacher

This is absolute garbage by a company that has become garbage. And the fact I’m reading about it here first is further confirmation of that.

Where is he seeing a $5 plan? Pro+ is $12.50 a month.

@Kevin Yes, I don’t know where the $5 plan is. I just see free, $2.92, and $12.50. And these are the monthly rates when billed annually. If you pay monthly it’s $14.99 for Pro+.

@Michael I had hoped that RSS-Bridge might still be viable, but alas, it really does appear that the curtains are lowering. See this issue among others. Shame.

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