Friday, January 26, 2024

DMA Compliance: Interoperability Requests


Today, developers can ask questions or share feedback or suggestions to Apple in a variety of ways — such as developer support, the Apple Developer Forums, and Feedback Assistant. To reflect the DMA’s changes, Apple has created an additional dedicated process for developers to request additional interoperability with iOS and iPhone features.

Apple will introduce a new request form for developers to request additional interoperability with hardware and software features built into iPhone and iOS. Apple will evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis and design a solution if one can be supported, and let the developer know if one cannot.

I don’t have much hope for this given the brokenness of the current processes for bug reporting, security bounties, entitlement requests, and guidelines challenges. And it only applies to the EU. They do promise to provide updates every 90 days.

Apple (MacRumors):

Get started with requesting effective interoperability with iOS by submitting the request form.


Based on Apple’s initial assessment of the appropriateness of your request and whether it falls within Article 6(7) of the DMA, Apple will start working on designing a solution for effective interoperability with the requested feature. Apple considers multiple factors when designing effective interoperability solutions. The integrity of iOS will always be among the important considerations for Apple.

What happens if there’s disagreement about whether a request would affect the integrity of iOS?


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My hope is that any technical documentation concerning Apple's protocols will inevitably make it out the barn. So we might, for instance, get push notifications for mail/contacts/calendars for all providers. Just a hope ...

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