Monday, January 22, 2024

Runestone Rejected From the App Store

Simon B. Støvring:

Apple rejected an update to Runestone because its App Store description mentions the app’s price. This text has been included in the description for two years on iOS and for two releases on visionOS. I was inspired by Overcast, which also has a similar text, to add it to my app.


We need a third outcome for app reviews, something that falls between approving and rejecting an app.

I suggest “Approved with Changes Requested”, indicating that an update was approved, but an issue needs to be addressed in the next update. Apple could use this when disagreeing with something that has remained unchanged for years but still requires attention.


I am aware that in 2020 Apple has stated that they would no longer delay updates due to guideline violations. However, the reality is:

1. Apple still delays all types of updates due to guideline violations.

2. This should apply to all updates, not just those that address bugs, but also those that add new features and general improvements.

The guidelines do not actually say that you can’t mention the price or explain how your IAP works.

Marco Arment:

I think mine says that because they made me add it once.

Adrian Thomas:

This was absolutely required at some point. It was ridiculous at the time since the price can be changed dynamically whereas the description can’t but now to reject you is equally dumb.


I’ve had the same kind of problem lately. I have been trying to validate my application since December. blocked since January 2 in review. I sent a first email, the team told me it was in progress. I sent an email on Thursday and miraculously my app became valid.


Update (2024-01-30): Simon B. Støvring:

Once again, Apple has rejected Runestone for visionOS. They still claim that the app does not have a “Restore Previous Purchase” button. They are providing me with a screenshot of the “Request Refund” functionality that is shown after a user has bought Premium or restored a previous purchase.

If there is anything wrong with my in-app purchase, Apple fails to communicate the issue by providing contradictory screenshots and descriptions.

Simon B. Støvring:

So I replied Apple and explained my confusion above their rejection. Along with it, I sent a screen recording of the app running in the simulator and asked them to point out exactly what I need to change.

Around 18 hours later, the update to Runestone for visionOS was approved 🎉


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I have zero sympathy. They complain about Appleā€™s shenanigans and policies, but they keep playing its game.

Apple is fantastic eh? Really beliving in the idea that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

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