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macOS 14.3

Juli Clover (release notes, security, developer, full installer, IPSW):

macOS Sonoma 14.3 brings collaborative playlists in Apple Music, so that Apple Music subscribers can create playlists with friends and family members. The software also has an updated AppleCare & Warranty section in Settings that shows coverage for all devices signed in with an Apple ID.

See also: Mr. Macintosh and Howard Oakley.


Update (2024-01-23): Ric Ford (Hacker News):

Mac users, including longtime expert users, are reporting that Apple has force-installed macOS 14 Sonoma on their computers against their will.


Update (2024-02-01): Howard Oakley:

One serious bug it was claimed to address is the ability to change the password on an encrypted sparse bundle, lost a year ago in Ventura.


There also appear to be several bugs fixed in lightweight virtualisation on Apple silicon Macs. Most significant among these are the restoration of shared folders with the host Mac, and a bug that prevented VMs of older versions of macOS from being updated with security releases[…]

Adrian Schönig:

macOS Sonoma 14.3 is out, but sadly the #MusicKit bugs that block the release of Longplay for Mac are still there.

Howard Oakley:

This article summarises the most serious of those in 14.2.1 that have been fixed in 14.3, and mentions some that remain outstanding.

Joe Rossignol:

Over the past few weeks, some Mac users have complained that their computer automatically upgraded itself from macOS Ventura to the latest macOS Sonoma release, even with the automatic updates setting turned off.

There are widespread complaints about this issue across the Apple Support Community, MacRumors Forums, Reddit, X, and other websites.


However, despite dismissing the notification and having automatic updates turned off, affected users said their Mac proceeded to install macOS Sonoma regardless.

Howard Oakley:

We don’t know how Apple decides to push out these notifications, nor whether some triggered a bug or an intended feature to start the upgrade. If you dismiss this type of notification and want to check whether an upgrade has started, open Software Update settings (or the pane) and check whether an upgrade has started to download. If it has, try cancelling it. If that doesn’t work, or Activity Monitor’s Network view shows a download in progress, sever your Mac’s connection from the network, close all open apps, and restart your Mac. Then keep a watchful eye to see whether that download resumes.

Francisco Tolmasky:

I’m so tired of macOS re-enabling Bluetooth on every OS update.

Daniel Jalkut:

Safari on Mac has become very slow to auto-complete URLs, and I think it correlates with the Sonoma 14.3 update. Anybody else witnessing the same?


I’ve encountered a bug in macOS 14 while using ScreenCaptureKit.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

Here’s a fun Messages bug in macOS 14.3:

If you have selected some text in a received message, and command-tab out then back into Messages, you can start typing to overwrite the message in the message bubble.

Update (2024-02-07): Mario Guzmán:

Apple. For the love of god please stop with the silly features like collaborative playlists in Apple Music and fix your damn bugs!

This started happening with macOS 14.3 and I can assure you I don’t have another device playing music.


Not to mention… these are iTunes Store Purchases. Why do you care whether or not I play them on more than one device. I “own” the song. I paid for it. This also wasn’t an issue until recently with Apple Music. Streaming songs sure, but paid songs?! No, you don’t get to put up fake restrictions on purchased music when you haven’t since 2003 when the iTunes Music Store was launched.

Adam Engst:

Many people are reporting weird text display problems with various apps in macOS 14.3, most notably Apple’s Mail, Notes, and Safari, but also third-party apps that rely on WebKit, including Mimestream and MarsEdit. Words or entire lines will seem to disappear and reappear, jump around, or overwrite other text.


I’ve learned that the bug has been fixed in WebKit, so it’s just a matter of Apple integrating the fix into an update to Sonoma.

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VMware Fusion plus VoiceOver still broken; Apple not going to reverse a breaking change in AppKit that affects setuid binaries then. :(

After updating lost favorites in Finder’s side bar... again.

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