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Devices That Are Not USB C in My Life

Mere Civilian:

First, I give my appreciation to the European Union for their efforts in nudging (we all know it was more than a nudge) Apple to support USB C. However, there are still devices in my life that I use daily that are not USB C. Strangely, as each year passes by, it becomes more annoying to live with non-USB C devices. I dislike wasting money so I will not buy something only to have USB C on it.

With that said, the following are my NON USB C devices (that I use regularly)[…]

The most annoying for me is the Kindle Oasis. I still use the first-generation model, and I probably would have upgraded by now except that the latest version still uses micro USB. Amazon hasn’t updated it since 2019 and really seems to have taken its eye off E Ink Kindle hardware.

Other legacy devices: Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard, Magic Mouse, AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, Apple TV Remote, various battery packs, various family iPhones. This is somewhat ameliorated by the fact that some non-USB-C devices do support Qi charging.


Update (2024-01-05): See also: Adam Chandler.

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> Amazon hasn’t updated it since 2019 and really seems to have taken its eye off E Ink Kindle hardware.

They’re putting a lot of money into the e-notebook space. The Kindle Scribe has USB-C, is regularly being improved with significant software updates (most recently adding handwriting recognition) , and is often discounted on sales to undercut competitors like Remarkable 2 or Boox

Readers I suspect are viewed as a solved problem: likely they want to maximise their margin until absolutely forced to update the product line.

I do empathise strongly. I love USB-C but I still have to choose between charging my iPhone 15 Pro Max or Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack, literally keeping a cable for the other connector on standby. Absurd, and it's all Apple's fault for delaying the inevitable to the point that most everyone else has already moved over, so if you have non-Apple stuff about, you almost certainly have both the charger *and* the cable.

Then I recently bought an older LTE Advanced mobile hotspot for a good price, because it was no longer current and didn't have a touchscreen. Uses Micro USB. Make no mistake, the great cable juggling exercise won't be over 'til it's over, but we're still moving in the right direction.

FYI, has a long history of basically fabricating news stories based on rumors and hearsay. I wouldn't trust their scoops or opinions.

Sachin Amrutkar

The march of USB-C hasn't quite taken over every aspect of your tech life just yet, from iPhones and AirPods that still require Lightning to specialized cameras and outdoor equipment that have their own connections. Adapters fill the gap for our older USB-A and Mini/Micro buddies.

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