Friday, December 30, 2022

Fixing SMB File Sharing in Ventura


I use the SMB file sharing system to access files on my MBPro from my iPhone 12, on my local network. Until now, this has been robust, reliable and fast.

After updating my MBPro to Ventura 13.0 and my iPhone to iOS 16.1 I cannot connect the laptop to the phone or to my old iMac, running Monterey 12.6.


After I installed macOS Ventura my File Sharing stopped working. I wasn’t able to connect from my Windows computer to my Mac anymore.

I had to turn off File Sharing, reboot my computer, and then turn on File Sharing again. It started to work after I did that.

Via Sean Heber:

It worked and I’m back in business but… like… SERIOUSLY WTF?!

I rebooted a bunch of times trying to get to this work but I never thought to turn off file sharing before rebooting because, like, why would that make any difference?!


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I have file sharing problems almost every time I upgrade to a new major version of MacOS. I just take it for granted now that as part of the upgrade process I'll have to turn off all the file sharing settings, reboot, then set it all up again from scratch.

I haven't noticed Ventura being any worse than prior versions of macOS in the X-era. It's still not great! Seriously how, after 20+ years, is this OS still unable to reliable mount or share files on a LAN? Classic Mac OS could do this better over LocalTalk (albeit much more slowly) and Windows is rock-solid by comparison.

I have headless Linux VMs accessing my Synology over NFS 24/7 and there are zero issues. Set it and forget it. Might as well be local, hard-ware attached storage. It just works.

I do not understand why this is so hard for Apple to nail down. Do they not share files within the macOS team? Like, not ever? Do they just email files back and forth, and eschew servers at home and office?

Samuel Herschbein

A client has a Synology, several users suffered chronic disconnects. I couldn't get a Monterey Mac to share a folder on the admin user's Desktop. The problem for both is NetAuthSysAgent.

When migrating from an earlier macOS to Big Sur & newer, this key in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/, gets migrated:


Apparently Net Auth gets "confused" by the Kerberos Realm and hangs.

Delete (you'll need to authenticate), then restart, gets created & properly populated without a Kerberos Realm.

After doing that the Synology no longer spontaneously dismounts or fails to mount, plus File Sharing on the fixed Macs works.

Samuel: bless you.

Well, I hate to be the party pooper, but actually, not withstanding the usual problems (SMB's general overheads, lack of documentation and configurability in Apple's smbd, and interoperability of the protocol across platforms more generally) the truth is that, for me, it went really, really well. I mean, whether over TB3 host-to-host, or GBE, I'm basically squeezing the best performance I can out of it. I don't use configured shares, only virtual admin shares--perhaps that has something to do with it? Monterey Mac Mini NAS, Ventura/iOS/Windows clients. All good?

Of course, I have given to wonder, not infrequently, whether "sshfs" isn't a better choice, or perhaps whether it couldn't be made to be a better choice, with more filesystem features for file sharing purposes (locking, random access, etc). But if SMB (and NFS) support is already there, why fix what ain't broke?

@Samuel Herschbein I'm giving your solution a shot. I imagine I'll know for sure in a week or two!

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