Thursday, December 22, 2022

Google Moves Maps to

Garrit Franke:

I opened Google Maps again, and noticed that now redirects to This implies that the permissions I give to Google Maps now apply to all of Googles services hosted under this domain. So far I only identified Google Flights to have made the same switch (, though I’m sure they’re just beginning to transfer their services to the main domain.

Via John Gruber:

Grant location access to Google Maps now, and you grant it to all of Google.

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This started years ago for many people. The article author appears to be from Germany, so maybe it just started there? Otherwise I don't know why they'd just be noticing it now.

Like Jeff says, this has been a redirect for me for years. I'm in the Netherlands, also in the EU like Germany.

I always browse all Google sites in private tabs, even when not logged in. And I avoid them whenever possible for reasons like this, and of course more.

This is why I use a separate browser - Safari Technology Preview - if I absolutely have to use google for something.

I wish there was a Safari extension to automatically clear google/youtube/doubleclick cookies every week or so.

What are some of the nefarious things Google have done with all their knowledge of us?

I'm asking because after playing with ChatGPT I started longing for an actually virtual assistant, and I raised this would mean handing over a lot of my personal information.

Afaik there hasn't been any security breaches of googles services (like the Fappening) so the biggest threat is what Google themselves would do with my images, locations, searches, maila, and calendar.

Safari Local Storage

Maybe iOS Safari penalising websites and users by deleting local storage items whenever it feels like it is part of the reason for combing domains.

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