Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Recovery Options on Apple Silicon Macs

Howard Oakley:

When pressed briefly, it starts the Mac up in normal macOS mode; when pressed and held until the Mac reports that it’s loading Recovery Options, it engages Recovery mode, where you navigate startup and other options using buttons and menus. These invariably work fully with Apple’s wireless keyboards and mice/trackpads, so there’s no need to connect them with their charging leads.

There’s also a Fallback Recovery Mode engaged by pressing the Power button twice in rapid succession, and on the second press, instead of releasing the button, hold it pressed until recovery options are reported as loading. This provides all the features of regular Recovery Mode, with the exception of Startup Security Utility, which isn’t available.


Follow these instructions if you need to pair a Bluetooth keyboard, trackpad, or mouse with your Mac when you start up in macOS Recovery.


When the system volume and the Options button appear, press the power button three times.

The procedure for rebooting in safe mode has also changed:

Turn on your Mac and continue to press and hold the power button until you see the startup options window.

Select your startup disk, then press and hold the Shift key while clicking “Continue in Safe Mode.”

I didn’t realize this and had just been holding down the Shift key like normal, but I guess that doesn’t clean out caches anymore, though it does suppress login items.


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