Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Sapling Source Control

Durham Goode (Hacker News):

Sapling is a new Git-compatible source control client.

Sapling emphasizes usability while also scaling to the largest repositories in the world.


We’ve spent the past 10 years building Sapling, a scalable, user-friendly source control system, and today we’re open-sourcing the Sapling client. You can now try its various features using Sapling’s built-in Git support to clone any of your existing repositories.


When used with our Sapling-compatible server and virtual file system (we hope to open-source these in the future), Sapling can serve Meta’s internal repository with tens of millions of files, tens of millions of commits, and tens of millions of branches.


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I don't think you've ever linked to this, so on a related note, jj looks also pretty interesting: https://github.com/martinvonz/jj

It's from Google (the author states on this video he's working on it full time now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx_LGilOuE4) and has a similar lineage as Sapling (Mercurial inspired, Git compatible, written in Rust). I guess Sapling is more mature, but jj is probably worth keeping an eye on, too.

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