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Monday, November 21, 2022

ReadKit 3.1

Balazs Varkonyi:

Smart Folders Are Back

These are folders that automatically update their content according to the search criteria you specify.

It can also send you notifications, and a unique icon can be selected for each one.


The text size of the feed and entry list can be customized separately.


In addition to the universal ReadKit Premium, separate lifetime plans are now available for iOS/iPadOS and macOS.


Update (2022-12-01): See also: John Voorhees.

Swift Pitch: Reflection

Alejandro Alonso:

I propose adding a new module to the Swift toolchain named Reflection that provides high level APIs for reflection in Swift. This makes use of reflective information that has always been available, but was never exposed as API until now.


[Mirror] works great, but there is a serious issue here in that it requires an instance of the type you want to introspect over.


Swift introduces a new module, Reflection, with a whole new suite of high level APIs that make working with reflection easier, more ergonomic, and provides developers with much more information than what they had.


Mac Text Editing: Mark, Kill, Yank

Jesse Grosjean:

There isn’t much documentation of the macOS implementation. Much of the following behavior was discovered by experimenting with TextEdit.


When text is deleted by certain actions it gets added to the kill ring. By default the kill ring contains a single text entry. If you change the NSTextKillRingSize system default the kill ring can contain multiple entries.


Each app maintains a private kill ring. You can kill text in one view and then yank it into another view within the same app. You can’t kill or yank between apps.