Friday, November 4, 2022

iPhone Water Resistance Claims

Tim Hardwick (in 2020):

In marketing materials[…], Apple said its iPhones were water resistant at a depth of between one and four meters for up to 30 minutes, depending on the model.

However, according to [Italy]’s competition regulator, the messages did not clarify that the claims are only true under specific conditions, for example during controlled laboratory tests with the use of static and pure water, and not in the normal conditions of use by consumers.

The regulator also took issue with Apple’s warranty terms, which do not cover damage caused by liquids. The authority considered it inappropriate to push an “aggressive” commercial practice highlighting water resistance as a feature, while at the same time refusing to provide post-sales warranty assistance if the iPhone models in question suffer water damage.

Hartley Charlton (in February):

A federal judge in the U.S. has dismissed a proposed class-action lawsuit that accused Apple of misleading customers about the iPhone’s water resistance (via Reuters).


U.S. District Judge Denise Cote has ruled that while the plaintiffs plausibly alleged that Apple’s advertising could mislead some customers, they did not demonstrate that their iPhones were damaged by “liquid contact” Apple promised they could withstand. The judge also found no evidence of fraud, citing a lack of proof that Apple consciously intended to overstate its water-resistance claims for commercial gain.


According to Apple, water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and can deteriorate over time as a result of normal wear. Apple’s warranty does not cover liquid damage, so it is best to exercise caution when it comes to liquid exposure.


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Can confirm that I finally tried to test the water resistance in my 13 pro with some 3ft pool photos, and it seems like my speaker is pretty hosed and it’s likely some stupid $450 repair 😒

Wait, wait, wait. "Hey guys, look at our nifty water and dust resistant iPhones. You fell into a pool, immediately got out, and then your phone stopped working? No problem, that repair is not covered by warranty and you owe us 'insert large amount of money here'?" is truly their official policy? To top it off, when the resistance doesn't actually measure up to stated claims, in the USA at least, we have no recourse to challenge this in court because…

Neat. Same as it ever was…

I too, was victim to Apple's misleading advertising.

I held my ~18 months old phone just under the waterline to film some fish, e.g. nothing close to the 3ft water pressure, for a few minutes, and yet water got inside and destroyes both the face ID scanner and the light sensor. Apple refused to take responsibility (I am in Germany, where there's a complicated 2 year warranty if I can prove that the item I bought was having this defect present from the time of purchase.

I argued that Apple has clearly put in seals that do not last 2 years, but they countered that seals are known to do that, and that Apple does not guarantee the water resistance.

That's not the first time, either. Before, when I had an iPhone 6s, it suddenly died, just 25 months after purchase, i.e. one month too late to claim the warranty. It had never been exposed to water and had not fallen down closely prior to this event. And I always protect it with a hard plastic enclosure anyway, and never had a broken screen, i.e. I take good care of them, other than most of my friend who frequently have broken screens, somehow :)

So, two times I feel screwed by Apple for quite expensive devices. And Apple has not shown any willingless to make up for their bad quality.

I hate being tied into the Apple universe for being an Apple-specific developer. It's not the company any more that I admired since the 80s.

Not surprising. Europe’s consumer protection laws tend to be stronger than the USA’s, at least for the past couple decades.

So they got rid of the headphone jack for nothing, then?

"So they got rid of the headphone jack for nothing, then?"

Yup! All smoke and mirrors. Just a company out to kill old tech because #reasons #betterforyou #cool #amazingnewproduct #bestiphoneweveevercreated #blahblahblah

Lack of a headphone jack is my only major complaint (I suppose I'd feel differently if I tried to swim with my phone). The headphone jack was the environmentally friendly option as no power was required to listen privately. Now the line is that I should invest in wireless pods with battery shelf life of 2~4 years. The battery can't be replaced. I just can't bring myself to pull that trigger. At least the battery is replaceable in a laptop, iPhone, and iPad ... yes, I ate this conundrum twice for Pencils, but I'd argue that Pencils are less disposable than AirPods because both pencil versions fast charge and don't suck battery down like wireless audio does.

Ross jennings

As typical US judges that likely get considerable campaign contributions from shiesters like apple corp ruled that even though they tout in their ads it water resistant they honor ZERO claims of water damage even if it was rainwater falling on it. Worthless products that Imwill never purchase again. Apple needs to get their ass sued in front of a non corrupt judge and be forced to pay the mo eye they swindled out of consumers.

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