Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Raspberry Pi Ventura Problem


Apple appear to have implemented a change in “Ventura” to the way extended attributes are written which is causing it to fail on devices that present a “virtual” USB Mass Storage device.

Via Rui Carmo:

In short, macOS Ventura is the only operating system where you can’t program a Raspberry Pi Pico (and, potentially, any other board that supports MicroPython or CircuitPython, not just RP2040 ones) by just dragging files onto its virtual USB drive.

Like pretty much every single filesystem-related weirdness we’ve been subject to throughout the history of macOS, it may look like an edge case to the Finder team at Apple, but it is a breaking issue for anyone using their otherwise perfectly good Mac for a perfectly normal thing that just works on every other operating system.

See also: Alasdair Allan.

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Finder has always been crap. Don't ever use it. Not for anything. Add the "Quit" command to Finder & quit the damn thing, then use a third-party file manager that actually *deserves* to be in that category.

Pierre Lebeaupin

I don't think I'll be express my take any better than the way I did back then in this comment on The Daily WTF, alongs with foo's reaction later: "the USB mass storage specification is not really an appropriate media synchronization mechanism", and "any solution that works backwards (interpreting block access to retrieve the logical file operations) it [sic] "suboptimal" from [his] POV, i.e. only acceptable as a temporary kludge if no short-term alternative exists".

Joss you have any recommendations? The only one I know of is Path Finder, and while I admire their goals I've never been a particularly big fan of it.

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