Tuesday, October 25, 2022

iPadOS 16.1

Apple (MacRumors):

iPadOS 16 takes the versatility of iPad even further, introducing new ways to collaborate via Messages, big updates to Mail, iCloud Shared Photo Library, passkeys and new collaboration features in Safari, the Weather app, pro features including Reference Mode and Display Zoom, and an entirely new multitasking experience with Stage Manager.


This document describes the security content of iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.

Renaud Lienhart:

Fun discovery of the day: if you delete the Weather app on iPadOS 16, there is currently no way to reinstall it as the App Store doesn’t return it as a result, because it is not yet “officially” a universal app 😐

Nicholas Riley:

Can you really not go to the home screen on iPad from the keyboard any more in iPadOS 16, or is something being weird for me?


Definitely the latter. First all Command/Globe shortcuts stopped working, then I literally could not bring up a keyboard (software or hardware), just got brief flashing in the keyboard area until I rebooted.


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