Friday, October 21, 2022

iOS 16.1: Per-App Copy-and-Paste Permissions

Joe Rossignol:

Apple has continued to refine the copy-and-paste feature in the weeks since. In the Settings app on the fourth beta of iOS 16.1 and later, a new “Paste from Other Apps” menu appears for apps that have previously asked for permission to paste content from another app. The menu can be found in the Settings app → [App Name] → Paste from Other Apps.

The menu presents users with three options:

  • Ask: The app must continue to request permission to paste content from other apps.
  • Deny: The app cannot paste content from other apps.
  • Allow: The app can paste content from other apps without asking for permission again.


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There appears to be no consolidated section under “Privacy & Security” that lists all affected apps, however, as there is for other permissions (e.g. contacts, camera access, and so on).

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