Thursday, October 13, 2022

Integrate SwiftUI Into a UIKit App

Natalia Panferova:

SwiftUI is a modern way to build a UI on Apple platforms. If you would like to start using SwiftUI but already have an existing UIKit app, you don’t have to rewrite it all. Learn to start gradually integrating SwiftUI into a UIKit app and take advantage of new features, such as Swift Charts, while still keeping the core of your app working as before. In this talk, you’ll learn different ways to integrate SwiftUI and how to set up the data flow between the UIKit and SwiftUI parts of an app.

Natalia Panferova:

This subchapter is provided as a free sample for Integrating SwiftUI into UIKit Apps book.

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So happy not to have to re-write it all, but also don't have the brain capacity to switch between 2 sets of documentation, mental models, gotchas, quirks and bugs.

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