Thursday, October 6, 2022

Cydia Appeals Apple Lawsuit

Joe Rossignol (tweet):

Cydia parent company SaurikIT, LLC has filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit after U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers dismissed the company’s antitrust lawsuit against Apple last month, according to court documents.

Jay Freeman (via Kosta Eleftheriou):

We filed a lawsuit. Apple filed to dismiss it, and we had a hearing over it. At that hearing the judge seemed to agree the case should continue but that we needed to clarify our filings. We were thereby “dismissed with leave to amend”, specially so we could go amend the documents, on a timeline decided during that hearing. Of course, it was reported as “oh no! saurik’s case was dismissed, and maybe he’ll bother to amend”.


Then the case was allowed to continue, but… was “dismissed in part”, which means there was one part of the lawsuit which the court decided to dismiss. This happened to be a claim we liked, and where we would like to get a second opinion sooner; it was also claim that Apple wants to feel really sure about, so we all agreed to a “stipulation to dismiss”, where, with permission from the other side, we ASKED the judge to dismiss our own case (in what might be a risky gambit) SO we could immediately go into appeal.


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Ah, yes, the “we're playing 9th dimensional chess” argument.

9th dimensional chess is so last year, try 9th dimensional Go. The man is a certified genius after all.

To be clear, I am not being serious. I have no opinion on the results of the current case as I have not followed them at all. I have fond memories of Cydia and the smart developers who developed the tools, app store, and all the developers who made this third party app store so useful. In general, my honest feeling is to support any group going after Apple's monopoly position, but again, I have no real feel of how this particular case is going and have no reason to actually doubt nor echo Saurik's viewpoint.

I just wanted to make an AI Go joke honestly.

It's beyond time for Apple to open up the iPhone. They have failed miserably on the promised benefits of unique curation - there are still a plethora of garbage, scam apps, all kinds of gamesmanship with app store searches and bad actors are still getting through.
Meanwhile their capricious, arbitrary and often contradictory app store rulings stifle far more innovation than they foster.
iOS sucks and I have lost all enthusiasm for it, and only remain a Mac user since you can still use software that doesn't have Apple's blessing. Turns out benevolent dictator is as much a fallacy as it always was and will be.

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