Monday, September 12, 2022

Swift 5.7

Holly Borla:

The Swift 5.7 language and standard library feature a number of improvements:

  • New shorthand syntax for common boilerplate code, including if let statements and multi-statement closure type annotations
  • Lifted long-standing language limitations to make generic programming more seamless
  • Enhanced data race safety with new annotations and opt-in diagnostics
  • Actor isolation in distributed environments
  • Improved usability of a suite of existing pointer APIs
  • Brand new language support and APIs for string processing

Most of these features were discussed at WWDC22 and were covered in a previous blog post, Swift language announcements from WWDC22. You can also find a complete list of language and standard library Swift Evolution proposals in the Swift Evolution Appendix.

Bruno Rocha:

In this article, we’ll explain the concept of type erasure, how it used to be done, what’s different in Swift 5.7, and how these changes work under the hood.


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