Friday, September 9, 2022

iCloud Shared Photo Library Delayed

John Voorhees:

So, what do you do if you’re in a shared library and want to join a different one? There’s a button in the Photos section of Settings to leave a library, so you can do so with one tap, saving all of the photos in the shared library to your personal library or keeping just those you originally contributed to the shared pool.


However, it was clear by this point that it was going to take hours, not minutes, to process 25,000 photos. Still, after only a half hour or so, several thousand photos had already been moved to the new library.


What I like most about the setup process is that it’s not a black box. Instead of flipping a toggle and hoping for the best, the multi-step process explains what will happen simply and thoroughly, building the user’s trust by explaining every option and the consequences of each. That’s critical when it comes to something as precious as your family photos. So, overall, the iCloud Shared Photo Library setup gets two enthusiastic thumbs-up from me. Every team at Apple that’s designing an onboarding process should look to this flow as one of the best on the company’s platforms.

Tim Hardwick:

However, in a footnote at the bottom of its iPhone 14 press release, Apple says “iCloud Shared Photo Library will be available in a future software update.” It therefore looks like the new Photos iCloud feature will not make it to the first official version of iOS 16.


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Makes sense, since people would completely lose access to these pictures on their iPad and Mac for now.

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