Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Making the “The Swift Programming Language” Book Open Source

Kyle Murray (Hacker News):

We’re happy to announce that “The Swift Programming Language” book is now an open source project. This new project will be the basis of publishing the book on Swift.org in the future […] and will use the open source DocC tool.


When the open source repository is able to generate a high-quality version of TSPL, we will switch over to publishing directly from that repository. At that time we’ll also start taking pull requests for more content changes.


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I hope someone will make a Kindle-compatible version.

Surely there must be an online converter.

Amazon's Send to Kindle app is supposed to automatically convert ePub to KF8 sometime this fall.

Ahah! I finally pulled my thumb out and figured it out. Downloaded the .epub from Swift.org instead of Apple Books. Converted it to .mobi with Calibre. I had to tell it to convert smart punctuation to unsmart punctuation in order to avoid encoding burps.

I did try converting to the newer Kindle format, but that just made a mess and lost most of the original formatting. The .mobi conversion kept code as code and text as text.


I didn't think about how the code formatting would cause a lot of issues, good to hear you manage to solve it.

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