Monday, August 15, 2022

Sloppy Epic v. Apple Judgment

Florian Mueller:

It’s unbelievable that last year’s ruling has literally hundreds of typos, punctuation mistakes, inconsistencies, and similar errors. Prior to Epic v. Apple, I had never seen anything like that in a high-profile case. Now I’ve finally found the time to document 271 mistakes of that kind (33-page PDF).


Tim Cook is described as Apple’s “Chief Executive Order.”


How could this happen? Why didn’t anyone care to proofread the document before it was published last September? Judge Gonzalez Rogers knew that a significant part of the digital economy was watching the case with great interest--not only, but also including many app developers (like me). She had no firm deadline. She could have taken another couple of days.


[It] would be possible, at least in theory, that a judge publishes a decision with hundreds of typos and similar errors, but nevertheless gets the facts and the law right. Regrettably, the absurdity of saying that Apple’s market share in smartphone operating systems is substantially greater than in smartphones[…]


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