Friday, July 29, 2022

Scrubbing Through iOS 16’s Music App

Jason Snell:

The real advance, though, is in how you control volume or scrub through a track. Previously, you needed to put your finger down on the dot itself, and then slide the dot back and forth. If you missed the dot, you failed. In iOS 16, the entire area of the bar is swipeable. You just put your finger down, anywhere, and slide it back and forth.

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Thank heavens.

Or in the gruberlance of our times, “Finally.”

Some things are so obvious in retrospect you wonder why they were ever done differently. This seems to be one of those things.

Cesium, a third-party offline-only replacement, has done this for years. :-)

Apple: Congratulations on overcomplicating the built-in music app (iOS 11) then recovering (iOS 13) and catching up. User testing labs are not a crime. You did this all the time with the Lisa and the Mac, and it's quite obvious when you stopped.

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