Friday, July 29, 2022

Deep Codable

Mike Lewis (via Dave Verwer):

I recently built DeepCodable, a package to encode and decode arbitrarily-nested data into flat Swift structs, by defining the coding paths with a result builder. I personally have been wanting something like this for a long time when interacting with third-party APIs, so I decided to build it.

Update (2022-08-02): Jsum:

Jsum is a JSON object-mapping framework that aims to replace Codable for JSON object mapping. It takes a lot of inspiration from Mantle, if you’ve ever used it back in Objective-C land.


Codable is often thought of as not being flexible enough. Many common problems with it are outlined in the replies to this Swift Forums post. In my opinion, Codable requires you to give up its most valuable feature—synthesized initializers—too often, and this is why it feels so cumbersome to use.

Codable and JSONDecoder don’t offer a lot of up-front decoding customization, and miss a lot of common use cases. All of these missed use cases mean you have to implement init(decoder:) and manually decode every single property for that type, even if you only needed to adjust a single property’s behavior.

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