Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Git Tower 9


Auto-expand changesets: A new view option has been added to configure behaviour of auto-expanding diffs in the History changeset views. You can find it under “Diffs in Changeset” in the “View” main menu.

This is great. I always want to see the changes expanded unless they’re huge.

Show branch/commit in History: You can now reveal a branch, tag or any commit in the Tower’s History view by selecting “Reveal in History” from the context menu.

This refers to clicking on a branch/commit in the sidebar, not one shown as a bubble in the history. It then reveals it in the history, which is nice.

Snapshots: Create snapshots of your working copy or individual changed files. Changes are safely stored in a stash but they remain in your working tree. This feature is available from the context menu of changed files or from the “Working Copy” main menu.

In other words, you can now easily save in-progress work without creating a commit. I used to do this by creating a stash (which clears the working copy) and applying it (but saving the stash).

Large diffs: Large diffs are not displayed automatically anymore. Instead, you will be prompted to display the diff. The threshold for displaying the warning can now be configured in the General preferences.

This should prevent freezes when skimming through lots of commits.


Update (2022-08-02): Bruno Brito:

It all starts with a brand-new Merge UI! The primary goal was to make it more explanatory and consistent for merge sequences and when editing revisions.

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I miss using Git Tower, but I simply cannot justify paying more per year for it than I do for GitHub, especially when the basic git stuff built into VSCode is usually good enough.

Ben Kennedy

@Brad: if like me you cut your teeth on Atlassian's Source Tree, you might find Fork (https://fork.dev) to be a nice alternative.

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