Friday, July 22, 2022


Privileges for macOS is designed to allow users to work as a standard user for day-to-day use, by providing a quick and easy way to get administrator rights when needed. When you do need admin rights, you can get them by clicking on the Privileges icon in your Dock.

We believe all users, including all developers, can benefit from using Privileges. Working as a standard user instead of an administrator adds another layer of security to your Mac and is considered a security best practice. Privileges helps enable users to act as administrators of the system only when required.

Via Rich Trouton:

However, Toggle privileges’s time-limited admin feature for Privileges is its most misunderstood feature. The reason is that while the ability to set a time limit is only available if you’re using the Toggle privileges function, many users assume that this time-limited admin is available universally to all the functions used to get admin rights using the Privileges app.

It is not. Time limited admin is only available using the Toggle privileges function. If you’re not using the Toggle privileges function, there is no time limitation and you cannot set one from within the Privileges app.


What if you want time-limited admin outside of using the Toggle privileges function? You will need to use a separate mechanism. In my case, I usually point folks towards using PrivilegesDemoter.

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